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December 2022

From the President...

Changes are in process at your Camera Club, changes on the Board, changes in updating of the Club facility, changes in marketing the Club, and even a change in the name of the Club. Here are some highlights of the issues the Board of Directors is working on:

  • The board has approved a name change for the club. If you approve, we hope this will result in people taking more interest in joining the club. How people view photography is changing and we need to keep up with these changes as well. We have received comments from non-members that a DSLR or other type digital camera is needed to partake in the club activities. Having Camera in the Club’s name limits interest from individuals who primarily use their phones to take photos, and those with interest in the expanding fields of drone photography and Go 2 action cameras. The new name, once the bylaws have been approved by the membership and signed off by GVR, will be GVR Photography Club.
  • Along with the name change we are exploring changing the club logo. Again, we want something that reflects the diverse types of photography available to our members: cameras, phones, drones, etc. I would like to ask for your help in this effort and want your ideas and input for the new logo. If you have an idea for the logo, please send it to me at It does not have to be perfect. Simple drawings, sketches or ideas that we can take and put in final form would be great. And if you have skills or experience in logo design, also please contact me, your help would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping the new logo can be placed on club caps and shirts which our members can proudly wear.
  • The Board appointed Linda Gregory to fill the unexpired term of Rick Calvert who, due to personal reasons, had to resign from the board. Her term will expire in April 2023. Linda’s experience as a past President and Board member, as well as her recent work on the Design Review Committee allows her to have an immediate impact on the board.
  • Members have always been welcome to attend our Board of Directors meetings. To increase member awareness of the Board's activities, the Zoom link for board meetings is now listed as an event on our website, making it easier for you to attend. Look for Board Meetings under the Events tab and register to get the link to join remotely. Board meetings thru April 2023 are on the second Monday of the month at 2:30 pm. We may also meet in person at the club and you are more than welcome to join us there as well.
  • Albeit slower than what we anticipated, progress is being made on the redesign of the club facility. Many changes have already been made as we await revised cost figures so we can determine what our next step will be.

On other matters. my request for volunteers to help in the Mat/Framing room yielded great results. Eight members have volunteered to help get our Mat/Framing program operating again. Look for future notices as to when this program is once again fully functional.

Finally, don't forget that you can sell photo equipment by listing it in the newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter to view items members are selling and/or looking to buy. Guidelines for posting items are listed there as well.

Thank you for your continued support and my best to all for a great holiday season.

Danny Valenzuela, President

GVR Camera Club

Getting Back To Normal

After almost three years of social limitations brought on by Covid 19, we are all trying to return to what we remember as normal. While social isolation made electronic on-line remote meetings the new normal, it will be good to return to the in-person social interactions we enjoyed in the past. Your GVR Camera Club is working to make this the new normal, while still retaining the optional convenience of hybrid remote attendance and the ability to replay meetings and presentations on our YouTube Channel. Here are a few of the changes taking place that are starting to make that happen:

  • Chuck Hill reports that SHOWTIME presentations will be held in-person/hybrid this season at the Desert Hills GVR Center, taking advantage of the new large screen projector the Club purchased three years ago.
  • Holly Chorba reports that Speaker Series presentations will be held in-person/hybrid in the Anza Room this season, complete with our traditional cookie service.
  • Paul McCreary reports that although this month’s Travelogue will still be via Zoom only, future Travelogues will be in-person/hybrid presentations.
  • Linda Gregory reports that effective January 5, 2023, the Photo Shop Elements SIG will be held in the club only. Recent experience has shown that Zoom is no longer necessary for this SIG. She hopes to see you in the club on Thursday mornings from 9:30-11 am.
  • Several other SIGs have resumed at least part time in-person/hybrid meetings already, and all will be scheduling their meetings in this manner on a full time basis soon. Watch for e-Blast announcements from the individual SIGs.
  • Getting back to normal also requires help from the members. Now that the club is open full days, there are many more opportunities for monitor volunteers, and training new monitors is even more important. Consider volunteering to monitor.

We all want to get back to normal. Adopting in-person/hybrid meetings makes it an enhanced normal. Officers and SIG leaders alike look forward to seeing you all back in the Club again this season. -ed

Kaleidimal Art at Posada Java

What happens when you combine animal photographs, Photoshop and unique artistic talent? You get fantastic works of art called Kaleidimal Art! Kaleidimals (Ka-lei-di-mals) are kaleidoscope-like designs made from animal photographs. Parts, or sometimes the entire photo of these animals, are arranged repetitively by the artist to create a totally different pattern or image.

Club member Marilyn Gaizband will be exhibiting her Kaleidimal Art at Posada Java for two months beginning December 8. Some members may remember the class she gave at the club a few years ago. View her amazing art here and check out her exhibit at Posada Java. It’s a must see event. -ed

Looking Ahead for Exhibit Displays

Camera Club members currently have their work displayed at the East Center and in the Palo Verde Room at the Canoa Hills Rec Center for December and January.

In February, members will have an opportunity to display their work at the Las Campanas Rec Center in the hallway and lobby. The exhibit display will run from February 1 to 28. Members who would like to participate in this exhibit can drop off their work at the club with the monitor starting on January 1. Please make sure an exhibit information sheet is filled out for the coordinators and camera club. The sheet is available behind the monitor desk in a container on the wall. Also, each photography piece should be clearly marked with your contact information, name of the piece and price if you are interested in selling.

Please contact Sue Ready or contact Julie Howard if you have any questions about our exhibits.

Thank you for your support of the Club's exhibit program.

Sue Ready & Julie Howard, Exhibit Coordinators

Photo of the Month

The December Photo of the Month is from Jeanette Nathan, a past period truck sculpture of earlier times on display near Dodgeville, Wisconsin. This is how we used to recycle! Congratulations, Jeanette.

The Photo of the Month is chosen from new and archived photos submitted by current and former members. Keep sending the best of your work to Judith Pollard at so we may continue to showcase the refined capabilities of GVR Camera Club members.

Library Open Again

Santa has left a few presents under the GVR Camera Club’s tree. We found one package with a volunteer for an iPhone SIG, and another for an Astronomy Photography SIG. Great news that these members have volunteered to facilitate activities this winter season. We may even have a Drone Photography SIG later in the winter. Now that the Club’s facilities are getting back in working order, we can work out some details that we’ll share with you as soon as possible.

I'm also happy to announce that the Club will be holding its Big Winter Class again this season. The class will have five sessions offered in-person at the Club on Friday afternoons at 1:00 PM on January 7, 14, 21, and 28. Look for our e-Blast announcement with more details coming out soon.

You have probably taken note that we mentioned “in-person at the Club.” The Club is trying to return as many events as possible to in-person activities. Watch for our e-blasts with updates on the location and availability of various activities.

And also remember the Club's YouTube Channel is a great way to catch up and review both our instructional activities and recordings of special presentations on-line. It's available any time and any where. How good is that?

Gene Komaromi, Education Chair

This Month's Club Activities

Check the Club Calendar for the latest information on all club activities. Camera Club members are also welcome and encouraged to attend the Club’s monthly Board of Directors meetings. Check the Club Calendar for the date of the meeting and attend in-person at the Club, or remotely by registering using this link. The Board is always interested in comments and new ideas from the members.


Monday, 12/19 at 7:00 pm

Travelogue takes you sailing this month with presentations from Kirk Hively and Todd Taylor. Register here to join us via Zoom and enjoy an evening on the water. Although still on Zoom only this month, plans are in the works to bring back in-person Travelogue  presentations in January.

If you have a program to share, drop off your thumb drive with a .mov or .mpeg4 show of your adventure at the camera club. Leave them in the travelogue folder with brief information about your work. And if you have questions, please contact Paul McCreary at 970-596-1505 or email me here.

Paul McCreary, Travelogue Coordinator


Monday, 12/5 at 7:00 pm

SHOWTIME is back and it's live at the Desert Hills GVR Center with a fantastic set of feature presentations! Yes, really in person! So if you remember where it is, we will look forward to seeing you there! Not back in Green Valley yet? Just register here and join via Zoom with the link that will be sent to you. Here is what we have for your entertainment on Monday, December 5 at 7:00 pm.

  • 2022 July 4th – Royce Jacobs
  • Angelique – Multi Media SIG
  • Kincardine Blues Festival – Larry Springford
  • Organ Pipe Cactus – Kevin May
  • Rainault Sing Along - Grace Pitzer
  • The Crags - Phil Wenstrand
  • Valley of Fire – Arlene Meteyer
  • Mescal Movie Set – Chuck Hill
  • Gammons Gulch – Jerry Marrion
  • Albuquerque Balloon Festival – Todd Taylor
  • RED – GVR Camera Club Scavengers
  • An Arizona Christmas – Sarah Warnes
  • The Dolomites – Ron Barry

And remember, in order to have a successful Showtime, or any Showtime at all, we of course need your programs to show. So get to work…..take your photos from your favorite field trip and make them into a slide show, or show us how you have spent your summer. Anything at all will do. Use Windows Photos or iMovie to assemble your photos and add music of your choice. I know you can do it. Please contact me if you need help or have questions.

Chuck Hill, Showtime Coordinator

Speaker Series

Thursday, 12/15 at 2 pm

Sandy Ostroff

Fine Art Photography

Want to see some incredible photographs? Join us in the Anza Room on December 15 where Sandy Ostroff and the Fine Art Photography and Studio SIG will present a slide show of their photographs and discuss how this group helped them make their pictures better by studying composition, use of color, cropping and editing software.

Sandy started his career as a professional photographer based in Chicago in 1968 after graduating with a fine arts degree in photography from Columbia College. He focused on fine art photography, shooting musicians for album covers and opening one of the first Fine Art Photo Galleries in Chicago, He went on to a career as a commercial photographer, opening his studio in 1976 shooting people, fashion and lifestyle for agencies and Fortune 500 companies. In the mid 80’s he became fascinated with enhancing images through the newly developed use of computers, creating the first 3D images integrated into photography. Moving to Green Valley in 2008 and retiring in 2018, Sandy joined the Green Valley Camera Club and began teaching the Studio and Fine Art Photography SIG.

Join us and learn how you can create better photos! If you're unable to attend in-person, you can also view the presentation on-line via Zoom. Just make sure to register for the event on the Club's website before the 15th to get the link to join the meeting.

Enjoy the present.

Holly Chorba, Speaker Series Coordinator

Field Trips

Off To A Great Start

Great experiences and great results as this Field Trip season progresses!

It was unbelievable! We had such a huge response to our Mescal field trip slated for December 9th that 20 slots sold out in less than 13 hours! The field trip leader, Danny Valenzuela, contacted the Mescal folks and not only reserved an additional 20 slots for the 9th, but also set up another trip for December 17th. Thank you, Danny!

The November 29th Mystery Trip was enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to reschedule the November 29th Sweetwater Wetlands/Columbus Park trip to March 14, 2023. In its place we scheduled the Mystery Trip to Guy Tobin Trailhead on the De Anza Trail at Rio Rico. This is a beautiful birding location, complete with waterfalls, that has never been visited by the Camera Club in the past. The trip was followed with lunch at Nickel's Diner. The staff and food there are fantastic and worth the trip down to Rio Rico by itself!

As we progress this season please contact me if you're interested in arranging trips or if you have other photo opportunities in mind. I’ll be happy to step you through the process of arranging and guiding a field trip. We welcome all members who wish to help plan, lead, or participate in one or more of our many planned trips. Your help in reaching this goal will be greatly appreciated!

 Monica E. Parker, Field Trip Facilitator

Photo Opportunities

December is a great month to fine tune your nighttime photography skills with plenty of holiday events from which to choose. Enjoy the many markets and street festivals. If it’s history that interests you, the Titan Missile Museum and Canoa Ranch are both at our back doors. All good reasons to get out and take some fantastic shots.

Titan Missile Museum

  • Ongoing, daily (except Christmas), 9:45 am to 5:00 pm - Prices vary
  • 1580 W Duval Mine Road, Green Valley, AZ
  • Find more information here.

Raptor Free Flight

  • Ongoing, daily (except Wednesday) at 10:00 am – Free with museum admission
  • Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, 2021 North Kinney Road, Tucson, AZ
  • Find more information here.

Tour of Historic Canoa Ranch

  • Ongoing, Saturdays (except Christmas Eve), 8:30 am to 10:00 am - $5.00 Registration required.
  • Historic Canoa Ranch, 5375 South I-19 Frontage Road, Green Valley, AZ
  • Find more information here.

Holidays Around the World and Through Time

  • Ongoing, Tue thru Sun (except Christmas Eve and Christmas) 9:00 am to 4:00 pm - Prices vary
  • The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, 4455 E Camp Lowell Dr, Tucson, AZ
  • Find more information here.

Lights Up! A Festival of Illumination

  • Ongoing, Tue thru Sun, 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm – Prices vary
  • Tucson Botanical Gardens, 2150 North Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ
  • Find more information here.

      First Thursdays at the Tucson Museum of Art

      • Dec 1, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Pay what you wish, Reservations required
      • Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block, 140 North Main Avenue, Tucson, AZ
      • Find more information here.

        Annual Tree Lighting and Holiday Market

        • Dec 2 and 3, Fri 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Sat 11:00 am to 9:00 pm - Free
        • Veterans Memorial Park, 3105 East Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Luminaria Nights de Tubac

        • Dec 2 and 3, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Free
        • Village of Tubac, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Zoo Lights - Holiday Magic

        • Dec 2 to 30 (except Dec 4, 24 & 25), 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Prices vary
        • Reid Park Zoo, 3400 E. Zoo Court, Tucson, AZ 85716
        • Find more information here.

        Oro Valley Festival of the Arts and Holiday Tree Lighting

        • Dec 3 and 4, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Tree Lighting on Saturday at 6:00 pm - Free
        • Oro Valley Marketplace, 12155 North Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        La Fiesta de Tumacácori

        • Dec 3 and 4; Sat 9:45 am to 5:00 pm; Sun 10:00 am to 4:00 pm – Free
        • Tumacácori National Historical Park, 1891 East Frontage Rd, Tumacacori, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Holiday Nights 2022

        • Dec 9 &10 and Dec 16 &17, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm - Prices vary, reservations required
        • Tohono Chul Gardens, 7366 N Paseo Del Norte, Tucson, AZ 85704
        • Find more information here.

        Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair

        • Dec 9 to 11, 10:00 am to Dusk – Free
        • Fourth Avenue between E University Blvd and E 8th Street, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Tombstone’s Annual Christmas Light Parade

        • Dec 10, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm – Free
        • Allen Street between 6th and 3rd Streets, Tombstone, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Turquoise Trail Guided Walking Tour

        • Dec 10, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm – $25, Registration required
        • Presidio San Agustin Museum, 196 N. Court Avenue, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here and here.

        Winterhaven Festival of Lights

        • Dec 10 to 26, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm – Walk or ride tours only, prices vary, reservations recommended
        • Winterhaven neighborhood, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Second Sundaze: Family Day at TMA!

        • Dec 11, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm – Pay what you wish, Reservations required
        • Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block, 140 North Main Avenue, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Barrio Viejo (Old Neighborhood) Walking Tour

        • Dec 17, 10:00 am to 11:30 am – $25, Registration required
        • El Tiradito Wishing Shrine, 418 South Main Avenue, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here. and here.

        Holiday Express - Free Family Fun at Historic Train Depot

        • Dec 17, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm – Free
        • Historic AMTRAK Tucson Train Depot, 414 North Toole, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here.


        • Dec 17, 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Free
        • Sahuarita Town Hall, 375 W Sahuarita Center Way, Sahuarita, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Downtown Parade of Lights

        • Dec 17, 6:30 pm – Free
        • Armory Park Neighborhood, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here.

        Turquoise Trail Guided Walking Tour

        • Dec 27, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm – $25, Registration required
        • Presidio San Agustin Museum, 196 N. Court Avenue, Tucson, AZ
        • Find more information here and here.
            We are always looking for recommendations for future photo opportunities. Please feel free to contact me If you have suggestions for upcoming events of interest.

            Tom Parker, Photo Op Coordinator

            Special Interest Groups are fun and informative. Any member of the Camera Club is welcome to attend any of the SIGs. Most all are meeting only via Zoom.

            Click on any of the links listed to get more information on each one.

            Monitor Notes

            Monitors typically welcome and check in club members, answer the phone, and inform those seeking information about the Club. We are all indebted to the dedicated team of monitors who volunteer to keep the Camera Club open. Many thanks to all of you.

            We are always looking for additional monitors. Help us provide all the benefits the Club offers to its members. As you take advantage of the Club's activities and its extensive digital processing equipment, consider sharing the effort in providing these services by volunteering as a monitor.  You are not expected to know how to use the equipment. Training takes about three hours.

            Contact: for more information.

            Photography Items



            For Sale

            Items for Sale

            Canon Powershot N Black Camera

            16.1 MP High Sensitivity CMOS sensor combined with Canon's powerful DIGIC 6 Image Processor, 8x Optical Zoom and 28mm Wide Angle lens, Optical Image Stabilizer for excellent image quality, Selfie ready multi angle capacitive 2.8" touch panel LCD, Built in Wi Fi and NFC. Battery Pack NB-9L, Battery Charger CB-2LB, USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU, Camera Case, 8GB Mini SD card. Price: $90. ($140. on Amazon when available)

            Contact Danny Valenzuela at 602-568-5759 or

            Tamron SP150-600 F/5-6.3 Di VC USD Model AO11 Lens

            For Canon Digital SLR Cameras, W/hood, lens cap, case, and polarizer filter.

            Price: $550. ($648. on Amazon w/o tripod mount)

            Contact Danny Valenzuela at 602-568-5759 or

            Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 ll Lens

            A digital single-lens reflex camera featuring a fine-detail CMOS sensor with approx.18.0 effective megapixels, DGIC 4+, high-precision and high-speed 9-point AF, approx. 3.0 fps continuous shooting, Live View shooting, Full High-Definition movie shooting and wireless functions (Wi-Fi/NFC). SD card not included. Lens has 16 elements in 12 groups, including UD-glass and spherical lenses, diagonal angle of view is 74 20' - 7 50' with APS-C image sensors, and focus adjustment is gear-driven. Includes hood, cover and UV filter. Price: $250. ($291. on Amazon)

            Contact Danny Valenzuela at 602-568-5759 or

            Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 Auto Focus Lens

            Wide-angle zoom lens with superior AF performance and speed, full-time manual focus with the turn of a ring and close focusing to 9.5 inches. Fills the frame with subjects as small as 3.6 x 5.4 inches. Circular aperture design produces natural highlightsIncludes hood, cap and UV haze filter. Works with the Canon Rebel EOS T6 above, or any EOS digital SLR cameras. Price: $350. ($414 - $649 on Amazon)

            Contact Danny Valenzuela at 602-568-5759 or

            Canon EOS Rebel T3 1100D

            Including manual and CD, Canon Zoom EF-S 18:55,  1:3-5-5.6 15 II with image stabilizer, Canon Zoom lens EF 75-300mm 1:4-5.6III, UV filter, Price: $200.

            Contact Holly Chorba at 520-665-9771 or

            Canon 17-85mm F/4-5.6 IS EF-S USM Lens

            Filter size 67mm. Bought new from B&H Photo, hardly used. Price: $89.

            Contact Con Nadeau at

            SLIK U-100 Universal 100 Deluxe Tripod

            Like new, still in the box and plastic wrapping. Unique, self-aligning, single action speed release leg lock design for fast setup and folding, geared center column for positive elevation control, center column friction adjustment to compensate for different weight cameras, leg braces for added rigidity, weight: 3¼ lbs., maximum Length: 22¼ in., maximum extension of center column: 12¼ in., donated to the club and offered for sale. Price: $20.

            Contact Danny Valenzuela at 602-568-5759 or

            Do you have any used photography equipment that you want to sell or are looking for to buy? List those items in the newsletter.

            All items:

            • May be placed only by current, past or families of past members.
            • Must be for used photography related equipment.
            • Must include your name, or the name of the past member, and contact information.
            • Should be submitted to
            • Must be placed by the 25th of the month prior to the month of listing.
            • Will run for one month, but may be resubmitted up to three times to be listed again.

            Green Valley Recreation Camera Club

            The GVR Camera Club is one of the largest camera clubs in the U.S. with over 600 active members. Regardless of your skill level, you'll have fun honing your skills in taking, editing, and presenting photos and videos. Share your photographic passion with others. Take FREE courses and join our Special Interest Groups to get the most from your digital camera, smartphone, action camera, or drone. Learn the ins and outs of post-processing software. Use our state-of-the-art equipment to digitize and edit photos, slides, and videos. Go on Club Field Trips to practice your photographic skills. Exhibit your photos/videos at our Showtime and Travelogue events. Come make friends and photographs!

            The Club is located on the 2nd floor of the west wing at the Santa Rita Springs GVR Recreation Center. You may contact us at:

            PO Box 1423, Green Valley, AZ 85622 or

            Neil Wicai, Newsletter Editor - - 575-224-1238

            The GVR Photography Club is located in the Recreation Village of Santa Rita Springs.
            921 West Via Rio Fuerte, Green Valley, AZ 85622 
            Phone 520-648-1315

            If you have any questions or concerns please call the above number during business hours or email us at:

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