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July 2021

From the Board...

We are on target to open the Camera Club on July 12th as planned. For me this has been an interesting time, and a good learning opportunity on how the club functions.

I have observed as members of the Board and our many volunteers have stepped up and performed their duties with diligence and pride. It is not a simple process to open the club after a long shut down. Supplies had to be ordered, many things had to be considered and a multitude of functions had to be performed in order for the Club to be operational.

Many members are not aware of the multitude of functions that are required for the Club to be operational. After a long layoff printer ink tends to get dry and clog printer jets, so all printers have been tested and ink cartridges installed. All computers have been updated as well. The Wi-Fi is working, and coffee pots have been cleaned. We also recently purchased an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) so that our sign in machine would not lose power when we need it the most.

You will not find Plexiglas shields at the monitors’ desk, and some monitors may wear masks, but that is an individual choice. We will try to social distance as much as possible as members get more comfortable being around others. Although we are opening after many of the Covid-19 restrictions are no longer necessary, we still want to operate in as safe an environment as possible.

The monitors have received a refresher session to bring them up to date on the procedures of opening and closing the club and all other functions in-between, including emergency procedures. They were also versed on a new process of checking out books from the library. Please look for the article in this newsletter from Becky McCreary, the Club Librarian, on what changes are being made for checking books in and out of the library.

Planning is also in the works for next season’s field trips. Check out Sue Rock's article in this newsletter requesting proposals for the 2021-2022 season.

Finally, Gene Komaromi and the SIG leaders are working on a hybrid system for their meetings, continuing to run meetings via Zoom, but also in-person. Look for information from Gene in his Dust from the Chalkboard article on running SIGs in hybrid format, via Zoom and in-house.

As Interim President, I am grateful to our board members and the many volunteers that have kept our club functioning, and who have stepped up to make sure all is ready to meet your needs as we once again go live. It is teamwork at its finest and we are lucky to have them as part of the team. I thank everyone for how well they are serving the club.

Stay well and see you soon.

Danny Valenzuela, Interim President

Photo of the Month

The July Photo of the Month is by Barbara Manis titled Broad-Billed Hummer, taken at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Congratulations, Barbara.

The Photo of the Month is chosen from the Photo of the Day series published on the Club's Facebook page from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of last month. Keep sending the best of your work to Judith Pollard at

“Times, they are changing…”

The Covid Epidemic put a halt to the GVR Camera Club’s face to face instruction, a problem faced by educational institutions across the country. Now, things are changing. The Camera Club is soon to have a reopening, a soft-reopening due to the fact it’s summer. The Club will hopefully be back to full operation in the fall, but with some possible changes.

Many Special Interest Groups, Speaker Series and Classes were held online using Zoom. Instructors and participants indicated that they liked participating in these activities from the comfort of home. At the same time, they missed the face to face experience of classes at the Club. Could the Club do both, provide face to face instruction as well as online access? The answer to that question isn’t just “blowing in the wind”, but it is being researched.

I would like to see some type of hybrid system where classes would be held at the Club facilities, while being broadcast live and be available online for a short term. We will try to start some type on hybrid instruction in the fall, hopefully by November. Even though that date seems far away, it gives us preparation time.

  • Phil Rock has indicated that the Club has the necessary equipment and programs to do hybrid instruction. When he returns to Arizona in the fall, we can set up a technical system for hybrid instruction.
  • Our instructors and SIG Leaders will need to agree to participate in hybrid instruction and get some training on using the system the Club sets up.
  • Times and schedules will need to be adjusted.

All of this will take time but hopefully we will have a different and powerful instructional system in place this fall, a system that will provide enhanced services to our members. We’ll keep you posted in the Newsletter and through E blasts.

Gene Komaromi, Educational Chair

This Month's Club Activities

Plans are in place to reopen the Club facilities on July 12th and resume in-person SIG meetings for those still meeting over the summer break. We all look forward to getting back to normal times.

Please check the club calendar here for the latest information on club activities.


On Summer Break

Look forward to another great season of Travelogue in the fall.

Field Trips

Planning for Next Season

It’s time to start planning for the 2021-2022 season field trips!

After an abbreviated season last year, we are now calling for field trip proposals for a full 2021-2022 season. Proposals should include the destination, a preferred tentative day, week or month, and whether you will need help to find a guide for the trip. You would be the trip arranger for the proposed trip. It is not necessary to be a Field Trip SIG member, but you must be a Camera Club member. Please send proposals to me here.

We will enter the information on the Club’s website in anticipation of booking registrations when all arrangements have been made.

Although you do not have to be a member of the Field Trip SIG to participate and preform a job, the Field Trip SIG is open to all camera club members and is organized by job. The jobs are:

  • Arrangers--The person or persons, who propose and build the field trip, decide the date, determine the cost, registrant fee and number of registrants allowed, and make the arrangements with the people at the destination.
  • Guides--The person or persons who meet registrants at the Camera Club and accompany them on the field trip. Often the arranger and the guide are the same person for a particular field trip.
  • Coordinators--The person or persons who enter all the field trip information provided by the arrangers on to the Club’s website database, and handle cancellations, wait lists and refunds.
  • Facilitators--The person or persons who hold field trip SIG meetings and write SIG meeting minutes, reports to the board, newsletter articles and emails to club members advertising the field trips.  The facilitator(s) also open the field trip on the Club’s website for registration, and work with SIG members and the board to form field trip rules and policies.

We welcome all members who wish to participate in our Field Trip activities, whether it be as one of the jobs described here or as just registering for and enjoying one or more of our planned trips.

Sue Rock, Field Trip Facilitator

July Photo Opportunities

July brings parades, fireworks, grape stomping and more. Get out and enjoy!

Arizona Rangers Parade

  • July 3 -12 pm - Free.
  • Historic Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ.
  • Find more information here.

Red, White and Boom

  • July 3 - 6 pm (fireworks at 8:30 pm) - Free.
  • Sahuarita Lake Park, 15466 S. Rancho Sahuarita Blvd.
  • Find more information here.

The 24th Annual “A” Mountain Fireworks Celebration

  • July 4 - 7 pm (fireworks at 9:15 pm) - Free.
  • Tucson Convention Center Parking Lot B (off Cushing Street between Granada and Church avenues) or Parking Lot C (off Granada between Broadway Boulevard and Cushing Street). 
  • Find more information here.

Kartchner Caverns Photo Tour

  • July 17 - 4:30-7:30 pm - Registration required, $125 per person.
  • Kartchner Caverns State Park, 9 miles South of Benson on Hwy 90.
  • Find more information here.

HarvestFest 2021

  • July 24 - 10:00 am-4:00 pm (grape stomping @1 pm) - $30 on-line, $35 at the door.
  • Sonoita Vineyards, 290 Elgin-Caneol Road, Elgin, AZ.
  • Find more information here.

    Patty Ferguson, Photo Op Coordinator


      Closed for the Season

      Look forward to another great Showtime series starting in December. 

      Speaker Series

      On Summer Break

      Look forward to a new season of Speaker Series presentations starting this fall.

      Special Interest Groups are fun and informative. Any member of the Camera Club is welcome to attend any of the SIGs. Although the Club is reopening on July 12th, not all are meeting during the summer break. Details below.

      • Multimedia SIG - Grace Pitzer, moderator.
      • Learn what it’s all about. Bring your video project to share for comments & suggestions.
      • Mondays @ 10:00 am - Meetings are online via Zoom. Register here on the GVR website to join and get the Zoom link to attend.
      • Black and White SIG - Wendell Werner, moderator.
      • Members bring their images to examine the special qualities of monochrome photography and share editing techniques in composition and lighting.
      • Tuesdays @ 1:30 pm - Meetings are online via Zoom every other Tuesday for the summer. Register here on the GVR website to join and get the Zoom link to attend.
      • Studio and Fine Art Photography SIG - Sandy Ostroff, moderator.
      • Explore new techniques and broaden your skills.
      • Monday's @ 1:30 pm - Meetings are online via Zoom. Register here on the GVR website to join and get the Zoom link to attend.
      • Hit me with Your Best Shot SIG - Pat Caniff, moderator.
      • Bring five examples of your best efforts to show.
      • Thursdays at 1:00 pm - Meetings suspended until further notice.
      • Photoshop/Lightroom SIG - Al Crawford, Moderator.
      • Study techniques found in Photoshop CS and Lightroom that are not found in other photo processing tools.
      • Wednesdays @ 9:30 am - Not meeting during the summer break.
      • Field Trip SIG - Sue Rock, moderator.
      • Plan, arrange, guide and advertise field trips.
      • Wednesdays @ 4:00 pm - Not meeting during the summer break.
      • Photoshop Elements SIG - Linda Gregory, moderator.
      • Learn how to use Photoshop Elements post processing on your photos.
      • Thursdays @ 9:30-11:00 am - Meetings are online via Zoom. Register here on the GVR website to join and get the Zoom link to attend. Participants have the option to send a few photos to Linda in an email for processing hereSubmit at least one day prior to the SIG. Put "Elements SIG" in the subject line and describe what you want improved. 
      • Bird Photography SIG - Mike McMinn, moderator.
      • Improve your bird photography skills and share your best shots.
      • Wednesdays @ 1:30 pm - Meetings are online via Zoom. Register here on the GVR website to join and get the Zoom link to attend.
      • Rebel Rousers SIG - Al Crawford, Moderator.
      • Share your interest in Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras.
      • Fridays @ 9:30 am - Not meeting during the summer break.

      Camera Club Library

      The Camera Club library shelves are full of photography related books for members to borrow. Subjects include tips and techniques, software, photographers, black & white photos, lighting, studio photography, IPhone techniques, landscape and wildlife shots, and many, many more.

      Now that we are reopening on July 12th, books may be checked out for three (3) weeks and renewed another three weeks if no one is waiting for the book.  We also have older magazines to enjoy. Stop by and browse the shelves!

      Also, if you have books that were checked out before we closed for Covid-19, please return them to the library. Please contact me if you have questions.

      Becky McCreary, Librarian

      Monitor Notes

      Help us provide all the benefits the Club offers to its members by volunteering as a monitor. As you take advantage of the Club's activities and its extensive digital processing equipment, consider sharing the effort in providing these services by volunteering as a monitor.

      Monitors typically check in club members, answer the phone, and welcome those seeking information about the Club. You are not expected to know how to use the equipment. Training takes about an hour. Review our Monitor training video here.

      Contact: for more information.

      Green Valley Recreation Camera Club

      The GVR Camera Club was established in the early 1970’s as one of many Green Valley Recreation organizations to serve its members and our community. Our main interest is photography, both still and video imaging. The Club has grown into one of the largest camera clubs in the country with over 750 active members.

      The Club is located on the 2nd floor of the west wing at the Santa Rita Springs GVR Recreation Center. You may contact us at:

      PO Box 1423, Green Valley, AZ 85622 or 

      Neil Wicai, Newsletter Editor - - 575-224-1238

      The GVR Photography Club is located in the Recreation Village of Santa Rita Springs.
      921 West Via Rio Fuerte, Green Valley, AZ 85622 
      Phone 520-648-1315

      If you have any questions or concerns please call the above number during business hours or email us at:

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