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Special Interest Groups

Upcoming events

    • 07/11/2022
    • 04/29/2024
    • 78 sessions
    • Photography Club Classroom
    • 31

    Multimedia SIG  - Mondays at 10 am 

    Kevin May and Todd Taylor, moderators

    The Multimedia Special Interest Group meets in the Classroom at the GVR Photography Club in the Santa Rita Springs Social Center.

    During the Winter (October through April) we will meet every Monday in the Large Classroom. There will be no Zoom for Multimedia SIG meetings. Meetings will be recorded and placed on YouTube following the meeting.

    A typical Multimedia SIG meeting lasts about one hour and members can share videos that they have put together and get feedback and constructive suggestions on ways that they can improve their videos. The group also helps work on issues that members might have with various image and video editing software. Besides all of that, we also have a lot of fun and laughs, so please join us!  

    In order to participate in this event, you must be a member of the GVR Photography Club and GVR.

    • 07/25/2023
    • 04/30/2024
    • 33 sessions
    • Live in the Photography Club and By Zoom, Link Upon Registration
    • 73

    Black and White SIG - Scheduled Tuesdays @ 9:30 AM

    The Black & White Special Interest Group - Wendell Werner, moderator.

    Specific Tuesdays @ 9:30am during the summer (Check Schedule)

    We will be meeting live in the Photography Club and by Zoom.

    The Black & White Special Interest Group is a meeting of those club members who enjoy the special qualities of black & white (or more generally called “monochrome”) photography. Members bring their images for viewing and comments by the group. 

    Discussions on editing techniques, as well as on composition and lighting are also a part of the meeting.

    The question might be asked “Why are we interested in black and white images when even the basic point and shoot digital cameras can produce very good color photographs?”  The answer is: there are some images which have more visual impact when rendered in black and white.  These images are those which use the interplay between light and shadows to emphasize texture or shapes within the composition. An example is shown above.

    Typically, the photographs shown at our SIG have been produced as color images in a digital camera and converted to black and white using one or more of the popular photo editing software packages.

    • 08/03/2023
    • 04/25/2024
    • 38 sessions
    • In the Photography Club, Santa Rita Springs
    • 31

    Photoshop Elements SIG

    Thursdays at 9:30am in the Photography Club at Santa Rita Springs.

    In this Photoshop Elements workshop participants have the option to send a few photos, with a description of what they want improved, in an Email to Put "Elements SIG" in the subject line. Please submit no later than the day prior to the SIG.

    Linda Gregory demonstrates various methods of enhancing the photographs using Elements. The participants are encouraged to contribute to this workshop by making their own suggestions. This workshop is for all levels of Elements users, from beginner through advanced. 

    You must be a member in good standing of the GVR Photography Club to attend this class.

    • 10/18/2023
    • 04/26/2024
    • 13 sessions
    • Live in the Photography Club and Online via Zoom, Link sent upon registration
    • 37

    Wildlife Photography SIG

    Meetings will be held alternate Fridays at 9:30 AM beginning Jan 5, 2024

    The Wildlife Photography Special Interest Group (SIG) is designed for members who wish to improve their Wildlife Photography skills. The SIG will consist of discussions, videos, handouts, and short presentations of equipment utilization, post-processing techniques, settings and the best practices to use in the varying photography situations found in nature. Environmen/habitat, particular habits, behavior and preparation for a photo shoot involving different species of wildlife will be discussed. Specific methods or techniques associated with a variety of wildlife will be stressed.

    Participant's photos will be shared with the group, and suggestions or recommendations from the other participants will be shared if requested by the photo presenter. All will be done in a friendly & supportive manner.

    The major focus of the SIG is both the enjoyment and enhancement of the skills associated with wildlife photography. All club members are welcome, no matter their photography skill level. The key is the interest and desire of each participant to have fun and improve as a photographer.

    You must be a member of GVR and the GVR Photography Club to attend this event.

    • 11/15/2023
    • 04/17/2024
    • 12 sessions
    • GVR Photography - Large Classroom

    • 12/06/2023
    • 04/24/2024
    • 11 sessions
    • GVR Photography Club - Large Classroom

    • 12/14/2023
    • 04/25/2024
    • 15 sessions
    • Photography Club Large Classroom

    On Assignment SIG

    "On Assignment" is a new SIG that the GVR Photography Club is organizing. 

    So far, it's been decided that the SIG will offer participants some assigned shooting topics or themes. For, example, one assignment  might be portraits and another something as esoteric as Blue. The SIG will meet every two weeks, giving participants time to shoot photos on the assignment topics. Participants can critique, evaluate and comment on photos that they  wish to share.

    Here are the rest of the season's meeting dates and assignments:

    • February 22nd - Music
    • March 7th - Pets
    • March 21st - Leading Lines
    • April 4th - Black and White
    • April 18th - Your Yard

    We  will try to schedule some learning activities that support the Assignments on the alternate Thursdays on an instructor availability basis.

    Register for "On Assignment" to be on the mailing and notification list for the  SIG.

    • 01/24/2024
    • 04/24/2024
    • 14 sessions
    • GVR Photography Club in the large classroom
    • 66

    Photoshop/Lightroom SIG

    Wednesdays @ 9:30AM in the Photography Club Large Classroom

    Instructor: Al Crawford

    A special interest group for those interested in Photoshop CS (version 5 or later) and in Lightroom. We study techniques that involve features found in CS and Lightroom that are not found in other photo processing tools.

    See what has changed in Photoshop and Lightroom Classic since we last met.

    You must be a member of the Green Valley Photography Club and GVR to attend this event.

    • 02/07/2024
    • 12/04/2024
    • 11 sessions
    • Ansel Adams Room

    Field Trip Committee Meeting

    The field trip committee meeting is held monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. It is an opportunity for committee members to discuss upcoming field trips.

    • 03/08/2024
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Photography Club Large Classroom
    • 41

    Canon RF SIG - Organizational Meeting

    Join Al Crawford to explore the possibility of establishing a new SIG for those who may be interested in sharing experiences in using Canon mirrorless cameras. See the description below.....

    A Special Interest Group for those interested in Canon Mirrorless Cameras.  This includes current users as well as anyone interested in learning more about Canon Mirrorless Cameras.  The meetings will have users share their experiences with their cameras.  Also, users may bring their equipment to show others.  The SIG will also keep up-to-date on the newest cameras and lens as well as rumors as to what might be coming in the future.  

    In order to participate in this event, you must be a member of the GVR Photography Club and GVR.

The GVR Photography Club is located in the Recreation Village of Santa Rita Springs.
921 West Via Rio Fuerte, Green Valley, AZ 85622 
Phone 520-648-1315

If you have any questions or concerns please call the above number during business hours or email us at:

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